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September 2024
Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course

When is it?

Saturday 21st September

Sunday 22nd September

Saturday 28th September

10am - 1:30pm

How to reserve your space:

Secure your space with a £50 non-refundable deposit. This space is for you and your birth partner. Drinks and light snacks included. The outstanding balance of £245 is due 1 week before your course starts. I will email you before your course starts to sort this out. The full investment for the course is £296 including £1.00 transaction fee.

Understanding the science of birth:

  • How birth works including your birth hormones, muscles and nervous systems

  • How your mind and body work together during birth

  • How to build a positive birth mindset

  • Tips for optimising your body and your mind before and during birth

  • What to expect from start of labour to the birth of your baby and placenta


Decision making:

  • Tools for making informed decisions

  • Birth place choices, what is available to you 

  • Interventions, induction of labour & caesarean birth

  • Tools for dealing with a change of plan

  • Tips for using hypnobirthing and relaxation skills in all birth settings and scenarios


Building a practical tool kit for birth:

  • 11 relaxation and breathing tools with tips for practice

  • Confident birth partner support and advocation tips

  • Tips for preparing your body physically for birth, 

  • Comfort, support and managing strategies during birth incl. 16 pain relief options

  • Birth positions

  • Writing your birth plan / preferences

  • Packing your birth bag

  • Postnatal recovery tips

This course is 10.5 hours spread across 3 sessions and we will discuss:

Positive Birth Leeds Teaching tools
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