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About Me & Positive Birth Leeds

Hello lovely!

I'm Charlotte, mum of two and a qualified, highly trained, experienced, Hypnobirthing antenatal teacher, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I'm fully insured and FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators) accredited.​

I run Group and Private one-to-one Hypnobirthing Antenatal courses in and around Leeds and Online via Zoom; helping expectant parents prepare for birth and go from "Clueless" to "Confident" and "Terrified" to "Empowered"!

My courses are rated 5 stars on Googleread what my reviews here.

How I can help you get prepared for your baby's birth: 

Positive Birth Leeds Hypnobirthing courses are packed with useful information and practical tips to help you mentally and physically prepare for your baby's birth. I work with families preparing for birth in all settings; including home birth, birth centre, hospital labour ward and Caesarean birth.

I offer a range of options, from 1 hour 'Power Hour', Refresher, Essentials, Caesarean and Full courses. Read more about the courses here. Book your space on a group course with a £50 deposit here.

Sessions are engaging for both you and your birth partner, helping you get the most out of them. 

I'm passionate about childbirth and supporting you and your birth partner, to feel informed, confident and empowered for your birth.

Get in touch for an informal, no obligation chat if you have any questions.

My qualifications & completed CPD courses:

  • KGHypnobirthing Training - DipBH(KGH) - 2021

  • Gathering in the Knowledge with Dr Sara Wickham - 2021

  • Childbirth Physiology with Dr Rachel Reed - 2022

  • Birth Biomechanics with Midwife Molly O'Brien - 2022

  • SIDS and Safer Sleep for Babies training with The Lullaby Trust - 2022

  • Love you Birth Hypnobirthing Expansion Training - 2023

  • Birth Trauma Training with Make Birth Better - 2023​

  • Breastfeeding and Lactation: The Fundamentals with Katie James RM, MMid, IBCLC (teacher) - 2023

About PBL & Hypnobirthing: About
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"The sessions were relaxed, varied and interactive and we learnt so much. I hadn't known much about Hypnobirthing before we started but it all made sense with Charlotte's guidance."

Ruth, first time mum, Leeds

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What exactly is Hypnobirthing anyway?

The name 'Hypnobirthing' sounds a bit airy-fairy, but it is actually evidence-based and logical birth preparation education teaching you the science of birth, birth mindset, breathing and relaxation skills and tips for making informed decisions during pregnancy and for birth.

The techniques I share, and you then practice, will teach your body how to develop automatic responses to instinctively trigger deep relaxation. And when you relax this helps your baby relax too.

As far as body conditioning training goes, this is as soothing and empowering as it gets!

Hypnobirthing skills can be used to achieve a positive birth experience in any setting, be it a Caesarean birth, in a hospital setting or at a homebirth. The courses are open to you and your partner, after all this is a family affair!

This is about empowering you to build trust and confidence in your body and your birth choices, deciding what is right for you and what your own personal route of least stress is.

About PBL & Hypnobirthing: About Me
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