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Tamsin, Leeds, 2024

We worked with Charlotte 1-1 over 3 weeks to get us as prepared as possible for our upcoming birth. The course was really well put together, evidence based and Charlotte’s teaching tools kept us engaged throughout. We came out the other side with increased knowledge and confidence around birth which has helped to keep us relaxed and able to look forward to meeting our baby. Highly recommended for any expecting parents!

Richard, Leeds, 2024

Charlotte is incredibly informed and has a wonderful, disarming delivery style on a topic that can be full of information and dread. Thank you so much.

Charlotte & Ben, Leeds, 2023

"Charlotte's guidance throughout our Hypno birthing sessions was nothing short of exceptional. Our experience with her classes was beyond delightful. Her expertise and holistic approach to not only the birthing process but the entire journey of pregnancy are truly remarkable. This philosophy seamlessly extends to life in its entirety.
Prior to joining these sessions fear clouded my perspective, especially concerning labor. However, Charlotte's insightful teachings have transformed outlook.
Engaging with Charlotte and her business was an absolute pleasure - her welcoming demeanour invited us into her home, creating an environment where we felt truly at ease. This investment was undeniably worthwhile, and without hesitation, we highly recommend Charlotte and her course xx"

Liv, Leeds, 2023

Charlotte, thank you for being our teacher and guiding us through this amazing journey. You have been nothing short of brilliant giving us fantastic support throughout.
I can’t recommend Charlotte enough for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and confidence when it comes to birth. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to have the support and guidance Charlotte offered us through our birthing journey. 100% recommend.

Sarah, Leeds, 2023

SUCH a positive experience with Charlotte today with her refresher course. Highly recommended to have a chat with Charlotte; Not only is she one of the loveliest people you could hope to meet, but so knowledgeable! She managed to rekindle my confidence in my abilities, and to accept birth as the adventure it is, mindful of the tools i have within myself to relax, control and focus my power, and make decisions that are right for me and my family. I did a refresher course with my husband as we had done an online course previously but I really wanted to have a person to guide us through some key points, and im so glad I found Positive Birth Leeds. Charlotte was so great, she established what we wanted to get out of the session, and managed to cover such a vast amount of material at a really comfortable pace, while being really thoughtful about what we needed, and ensuring we had all our questions answered. Shes engaging, super informed and a wonderful champion for you to be prepared and informed about your birth experience. She also gave me the best materials to refer to going forward and a beautiful birth gift bag which i will DEFINITELY be getting stuck into. So so grateful to Charlotte at Positive Birth Leeds for her time. I feel like i now have extra tools to help me relax and make positive decisions throughout my labour and birth journey and beyond, and my birth partner also understands a lot more about how they can help me which is essential: my birth guardian! Thank you!!!

Dick, Leeds, 2023

Charlotte is a professional, kind and warm person who made us feel at ease. Her practice is neither information overload nor touchy-feely nonsense but is instead a balanced mix of science and statistics where necessary sprinkled over a base of skills and information on empowerment, self-care and preparing us for the arrival of our baby.While we both arrived feeing nervous and unsure of what to expect, we have both completed our course feeling knowledgable and confident to deal with everything from unexpected changes to conversations with our medical team. It has been invaluable.

Liz, Leeds, 2023

My husband and I sought out a 1:1 hypnobirthing course following a difficult birth with my first child. I felt traumatised by the experience and fearful of going through it again. I could not be happier that we found Charlotte to help.After intending to press for an induction / planned c-section following a few additional issues this time round, this course allowed me to explore these feelings and helped me realise that I really do want to try for a natural birth - if I can. I can honestly say I am now looking ahead positively, knowing I am prepared and have the necessary tools to stay calm whatever way my baby arrives.Charlotte is incredibly knowledgeable and kind, willing to listen and flexible to fit in with us in terms of when we could do the sessions! The sessions flow really well with each one consolidating what we had already learned.I found doing the course with my husband very helpful and we both learned so much about his role in the birth.The goodie bag and lovely environment created by Charlotte were wonderful extras, thank you.I would have no hesitation in recommending Charlotte to anyone considering hypnobirthing!

Nadine, Bournemouth, 2023

I had a traumatic home birth with my first child. Therefore I wanted either a planned c-section or an epidural with my second. Thankfully I booked a hypnobirthing course with Charlotte and she taught me to believe in myself and that I can do it again, however this time calm and relaxed (with the help of her breathing technique) and not overwhelmed full of adrenaline. I can say I had the most wonderful home water birth where I totally felt in control. I recovered in no time and the midwife was surprised that I was almost back to normal the very next day. I very much recommend her course.

Andy, Leeds, 2023

Great session with Charlotte and very helpful in reminding the Dad's to be of how important their role is in keeping mum to be as happy, calm and relaxed as possible.Now armed with new massage techniques, ideas to create a calm environment, and confident for the birth when it comes.

Rebecca, Darlington, 2023

After a power hour with Charlotte my spirits and fears (post babyloss) were lifted. I was also kindly sent an E-package to help me communicate my needs with my partner, and other things to read and listen to on the run up to my birth. Thank you so much!

Simon, Leeds, 2022

A review from a partner’s perspective.My wife and I had hypnobirthing sessions with Charlotte in 2022.Charlotte is fantastic and quickly puts you at ease in the sessions. Her knowledge and passion is obvious, and I left each session a great deal wiser and happier about the whole process (and most importantly, so did my wife).If you have slight doubts or nervousness about giving hypnobirthing a go, I encourage you to give it a try. You will be in no better hands than Charlotte, and I am certain the whole birthing experience was made significantly better, more relaxing (as much as that is possible of course!) and enjoyable as a direct result from Charlotte’s sessions.A very sincere and huge THANK YOU, Charlotte.

Meghan, Leeds, 2022

"I had a 121 session with Charlotte ahead of my third planned c section. I had so much worry and anxiety ahead of the c section and really needed to speak to someone about my precious birth experiences and how this birth could be different. I could not recommend Charlotte's course enough. I had two sessions where I learnt so much about the c section itself (despite having 2 previously!), what I could control during the birth, the power of positive thinking and it gave me all the tools I needed to feel relaxed about the birth. I had such a positive experience during my c section and so much of this is from the course with Charlotte. It was so well thought out, thorough and informative! I would highly recommend reaching out to see how Charlotte could help!"

Amy, Masham, 2022

From a very anxious first time mum: My husband and I have recently completed our Hypnobirthing course with Positive Birth Leeds. We began the course feeling anxious and extremely nervous about the lead up to birth, the decisions we might be faced with and birth it's self. We had so many questions and had felt that our care providers were perhaps not always able to take the time to fully explain them. Charlotte at Positive Birth Leeds listened to our fears and took time over the course to dispel them with evidence based information and rationalised any negative thoughts we might have had.
One of my biggest aims in doing the course was to help him feel part of the birth - not a bystander -, but also to show him he absolutely is able to support me through what before now, i am sure he had viewed as a pretty terrifying process. I can see the confidence that has grown in my husband and feel like he can now see what an integral part of the birth he will be as my support and trusted voice in the labour room. This is purely from understanding more of what might happen, what the offered options actually are and how to help support me throughout. We found the course to be extremely calming and reassuring, giving us informed knowledge and tools to help us work together as a team during birth. An unexpected outcome of all of this is a new found team work approach to pregnancy - THANK YOU!
The support we received before, during and after the course has been simply above and beyond. Charlotte really took the time to ensure we fully understood each session and made us feel truly comfortable in asking questions until we are happy.
Before the first session, I wasn't sure how we would find the guided relaxation (it's not something we have ever done together as a couple). I need not have worried as Charlotte's natural personality, warmth and accepting nature put us at ease quickly. This allowed us to deeply relax ensuring we got the most out of the techniques being taught.
The course covers a wealth of topics in good detail which gave us the power to change how we view birth. For me, it has taken away the fear element and allowed me to focus on making well informed decisions that feel right for me, rather than accepting what is offered simply because I don't understand or be aware of alternatives. It has given me confidence to politely question any medical views given during the rest of my pregnancy and birth, without compromising on the safety of our baby.
From the theory side of hypnobirthing to the evidence based facts about birth, we have learnt so much more than we would have done from our care provider alone or any google searches. Being able to actually practice the techniques with Charlotte, positions to aid birth and birth partner tricks to help with discomfort has been invaluable.
After completing the course, we are both now looking forward to the birth of our baby, knowing that we have the knowledge in how to help ourselves through the process. We cannot thank Charlotte enough for this and very much looking forward to sharing our birth story when ready, what ever route it turns out to take. I can proudly say, I'm no longer an anxious first time mum!
I would and do recommend Charlotte and Positive Birth Leeds to anyone i know. The flexibility in course delivery makes it easy for those further afield to benefit too!
Thank you for everything. xxx

Audrey, London, 2022

"Charlotte's classes are absolutely fantastic and I am so happy we decided to go ahead with her. All the materials she provided before and after the courses are excellent. I was not fully bought into hypnobirthing at first but having heard and read so many birth stories on how long labor can sometimes take, I thought it would not hurt to have a few more tools if needed. She really took the time to understand what we wanted to go through and ensured all the information she was providing us were in complement of our NCT classes. We found the classes really informative and most importantly fact based and open minded (whilst NCT is often one sided) so could really talk openly about everything.
Would highly recommend to anyone!"

Ruth, Leeds, 2022

"Charlotte is ace! She helped me feel so informed and prepared for the rest of my pregnancy and birth. Included in the course were so many helpful resources, as well as an excellent goodie bag! The sessions were relaxed, varied and interactive and we learnt so much. I hadn't known much about Hypnobirthing before we started but it all made sense with Charlotte's guidance.
The course covered all aspects of labour and potential situations that can arise and used a lot of evidence which I found really helpful. It doesn't push one type of birth but gives you tools to help support you in making the right choices for you and your baby."

Jennie, Darlington, 2022

"I was recommended Charlotte by a friend of mine as I was interested in finding out more about hypnobirthing. I don't live close by so we decided to do the sessions on Zoom which still worked well.​I would thoroughly recommend Positive Birth Leeds to any individual or couple that are interested in taking more control over their birth choices. I had a perfectly ok birth the first time round but felt myself and I my husband weren't as informed as we could be and were often 'not heard' by medical professionals.​Charlotte has given me very tailored advice and guidance and I really appreciate the time she has taken to go through the specifics in more detail with me.​She has followed up with me and sent over extra information even after the course has finished. This has really helped get me in the right mindset and I've really enjoyed working with her."

Emma, Leeds, 2022

"We did a refresher course with Charlotte, after doing a hospital group hypnobirthing class with my first child in 2016. Charlotte really took the time to understand exactly what we wanted to gain from our sessions, and put together a plan that was completely unique for us. Our sessions took place at her home, it was a really welcoming and cosy space that made us feel so at ease and relaxed.In terms of the course content, Charlotte obviously cares so much about birth education, and that reflects so much in her teaching. She explains things clearly and with context, in a way that makes it so easy to engage. I learned so many things that weren’t covered in our old hospital course! She’s also been really supportive in the latter stages of my pregnancy, and helped me feel confident enough to advocate for myself in prepping for a home birth.
In short, well worth it, 11/10 would recommend!"

Andy, Leeds, 2022

"Being made aware of ways that I could be more helpful, not only in the birthing process, but also in the lead up to the birth and also reassuring me in some of the knowledge I already had, making me feel more comfortable and confident in what we were going to be expect and ways we could ride through it with ease."

Celine, London, 2021

"Charlotte's help with hypnobirthing was so valuable for me and I would highly recommend - Charlotte was kind, calm, compassionate and knowledgeable and she has a super soothing voice too!The hypnobirthing definitely helped me to have a positive birth experience despite things not going to plan. My partner also really appreciated her advise too.Definitely worth it and we're so grateful to Charlotte for all her help. Brilliant stuff!"

Ema, Leeds, 2021

"After these classes I felt so prepared for going into labour - even excited for it. Charlotte is so knowledgable and happy to answer my 5000 questions that I felt confident about what to expect, and what my body is able to do. 
She has such a calming manner, and I really felt that her focus was to ensure I had a positive birth - which I did!
I used techniques from the classes to get me through the contractions and bring my baby into an amazing calm environment. I am so grateful to her!"

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