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Does Hypnobirthing really work?

Discover the truth about Hypnobirthing. Does Hypnobirthing really work? Learn from study-based evidence and hear from real PBL parents.

Are Hypnobirthing classes worth it?

This is a commonly asked question and often prefaced by "What IS Hypnobirthing?" and swiftly followed by "Does Hypnobirthing really...

5 Non-alcoholic drinks recipes

If you're pregnant or not drinkng alcohol right now, you might be looking for some festive alternatives to your normal tipple....

Will I love my baby?

Will I love my baby? This was a question I asked myself throughout my second pregnancy following the birth of my my first daughter.

15 Pain Relief Alternatives to Gas & Air

Pain relief options for labour and birth. Medical and non-medical comfort measures. Alternatives to gas and air - Entonox pain relief.

What ACTUALLY is Hypnobirthing?

You might have heard of Hypnobirthing but aren't too sure what it is. The name does sound a bit airy fairy doesn't it! So what ACTUALLY...

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