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Are Hypnobirthing classes worth it?

Updated: Jan 8

This is a commonly asked question and often prefaced by "What IS Hypnobirthing?" and swiftly followed by "Does Hypnobirthing really work?" - (I answer those questions in separate blog posts). Here, I'll focus on "Are Hypnobirthing classes worth it?" and share some of Positive Birth Leeds clients thoughts on this question.

Do you fancy a coffee?

I know that sounds quite forward, but let me explain...

"Worth" is personal and depends on where you place value. Let's take coffee as an example, personally, I don't drink coffee, and never have, so there is zero value in me spending my hard-earned money buying one. However, for someone who loves coffee, they'll see the value in investing their money in a great tasting cup of it made by a trained barista. We are all unique and all place value or worth individually. There will be things I invest my time and money in that I value and others don't, and that's ok. You do you.

Ask yourself "What do I value?"

The real question to ask yourself is "what do I value?" This is something only you can answer.

Do you value...

  1. Understanding how your body works and the confidence this can give you?

  2. Having a birth partner who is confident in their support of you and can advocate for you when you need it?

  3. Understanding how the maternity system works and making empowered informed choices that are best for you, as an individual?

  4. Having a tool-kit of relaxation and decision making skills to use during pregnancy, birth and beyond?

If you're answer to these questions is "yes", then I'd say "Yes, hypnobirthing classes are worth it." Handily, these are all things you can gain doing a hypnobirhing course with me at Positive Birth Leeds.

"Is hypnobirthing worth it?" What Positive Birth Leeds clients think...

When I asked my clients "Do you think the Positive Birth Leeds hypnobirthing course is good value for money?" 100% answered "Yes" and they've rated Positive Birth Leeds Hynobirthing courses five stars on Google. Here's what some of them said...

"This investment was undeniably worthwhile" Charlie, mum
"It has been invaluable" Dick, dad
"Well worth it, 11/10 would recommend!" Emma, mum
"I genuinely believe this has been the most valuable thing we have done as a couple in preparation for birth." Tom, dad

You can read more client reviews on Google or on the Positive Birth Leeds website.

So, "Are hypnobirthing classes worth it?" I would always say "Yes" but truthfully, this is something only you can answer yourself.

If you have any questions, I offer free no obligation to book chats over the phone. Simply get in touch to arrange one.


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I can help you get informed and feel confident, relaxed and empowered for your baby's birth.

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